Carefull analysis and simulation, allowed us to position a Rapid Exit Taxiway at the exact spot, to optimize our runway capacity - by
Fuel represents 30 to 40 percent of the average airline's total operating cost. Three percent increase in fuel efficiency can make a huge difference. We bring in a team of aviation experts in operations, planning, maintenance, ground handling, etc, to help achieve savings.
Fuel efficiency gets the required priority within your organization. Results are observed. But still, there might be some areas of improvement, or even some "low hanging fruits" which you have missed. Our feedback will take your fuel efficiency to a next level.
From this year on, airlines flying in and out of Europe, have to report their carbon dioxide emissions, and allowances have to be surrendered. A robust reporting will ensure compliance, avoid penalties and allow optimum allowances trading.
A runway is a valuable asset, it is not just a strip of concrete. At the majority of the world's airports, there is no room or money to build a new runway. Airports will have to maximize runway capacity within the existing infrastructure.