Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is such a major cost item that a constant monitoring of an airline's energy efficiency has become an absolute necessity. The average single aisle aircraft will burn about 8 million kg of fuel annually, while a twin aisle might use up to 30 million kg.

Operating a state of the art, fuel efficient fleet is part of the solution. However, much fuel can be saved in daily operations, and in many departments. Optimum flight planning, flight operations procedures, ground handling practices, loading procedures, maintenance etc, will all contribute to enhancing the overall energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness of your airline.
Leading Edge, with its partner EcoFlight, assists airlines in achieving ambitious efficiency targets.

  • An integrated approach; every department of the airline is involved
  • Sharing know-how; teaming the airline's own experts with ours
  • Management by numbers;using our innovative software to track the implementation of the fuel efficiency project
  • Innovation; we keep track of new technology as it becomes available


3 percent savings on our fuel bill could make the difference between a healthy balance sheet or having to consider severe restructuration