Runway Capacity

Eurocontrol, as the recently assigned Network Manager for the European Air Traffic, will have to ensure that capacity is maximized within existing infrastructure. Economic downturn, budget restriction, environmental pressure will not allow for major expansions of European Airports. In recent years, airports, runways have become the bottlenecks of the network.

Leading Edge has developed a simulation tool, based on the Intermovement Time model. The tool integrates aircraft mix, departure/arrival ratio, radar or wake separation minima, runway occupancy times on departure and arrival. Simulation of different modes of operation, e.g. parallel segregated, simultaneous dependent, or independent are available.

  • A fast and portable tool, hardware agnostic
  • Allows to model up to four runways in a single scenario
  • Graphical representation of results, with sensitivity analysis
  • Different scenarios can be stored and compared
Carefull analysis and simulation, allowed us to position a Rapid Exit Taxiway at the exact spot, to optimize our runway capacity